Sunday, 12 December 2010

Do As We Say

Despite customer demand for them, the EU has decided that a rather ingenious way of circumnavigating the incandescent light bulb ban is still wrong:
A German man has failed in an attempt to circumvent the EU ban on 100 watt incandescent lightbulbs by rebranding the product as Heatballs.

An EU wide ban on the importation and sale of the powerful bulbs was imposed last year on environmental grounds.

Customs will now seize and destroy 40,000 bulbs imported by Siegfried Rotthäuser must be destroyed.

Mr Rotthäuser had advertised the lightbulbs as a source of heat and the components of a resistance art project.

Ain't EU democracy great, they introduce a law that tells us how to light our houses, that you or I can't change via the ballot box if we disagree (changing my house completely over to low energy bulbs costs nearly £650 because I've got dimmer switches).

Nevermind, not only does it create a black market (more money) but being British there's a wonderful loophole to get around the EU ban. As a result I have a garage stuffed full of pallets containing light bulbs should anyone wish to buy any.

Thanks EU, you're helping to pay my mortgage.


  1. I am not concerned as I stockpiled then bloody things before they banned them! I am just incandescent with rage that anyone is stupid enough to think that we will stop global warming my turning the lights down. Fucking idiots!
    You can still buy them on the internet...

  2. You can still buy them on the internet...

    Yeah from me :-)

  3. can someone start making 99W bulbs please?