Saturday, 18 December 2010

Off With Her Head

Usually I try not to trust Daily Mail stories on face value. They often get it wrong. But I'm currently not in the mood to care so if this is true and we don't do anything then...well...we deserve what we get:

The Queen’s head could disappear from British stamps as part of controversial plans to sell off the Royal Mail, it was revealed last night.

Ministers are locked in frantic talks with Buckingham Palace to discuss how the monarch will be represented – if at all – on future stamps after the Government confessed it had failed to guarantee that the Queen’s image would survive.

Apparently the Queen is most seriously displeased:

But Royal insiders said that ‘anger’ at the Palace at the proposed sale had been heightened by the fear that it could be rushed through in advance of the 2012 Diamond Jubilee, when a range of special stamps is expected to be produced.

One said: ‘The Palace don’t like this privatisation at all but they are particularly keen to delay it until after the Jubilee if they possibly can. That could explain the delay.’

But not so displeased as to object forcefully, just delay it so that it doesn't cause too much fuss. Our Queen is a traitor and signs away her power willingly against her coronation oath.


  1. In fairness to Her Majesty, she is not like Charles. She understands her role in a Constitutional Monarchy and knows not to interfere with the nation's politics - regardless of her personal views.

    That explains to me why she won't be seen objecting forcefully. Unlike her idiot son and heir to the throne, who sees his role as meddling in the affairs of State and pontificating on his personal views.

    Personally, I think the time to drop the Monarchy is approaching fast.

  2. The subtext which no-one seems to have grasped is the government have already 'sold' Royal Mail to Von Rumpeys chosen euro company and this is the real reason why there is a 'scrabble'.

  3. TBF: This may just be the catalyst that unites the people against the Coalition and indirectly against the EU. We shall have to wait and see.....

    @Autonomous Mind: Have to disagree, being a Monarchist. Just because HM has a couple of sons who believe in 'eco' religion and other odd causes does not mean the Royal Family are all stupid.