Saturday, 18 December 2010

Fed Up

Regular readers may have noticed a downturn in the number of posts recently (and perhaps quality I don't know). I had put it down to work commitments. In truth that's only part of the story. Sure work commitments have increased somewhat recently, as have my personal UKIP responsibilities, but I think I'm also suffering from 'blogging about the EU' fatigue.

I never expected this blog to change the world, thinking that of course would be plain daft, nor did I particularly wish it to be as successful as the shamelessly self-prompting Iain Dale (now deceased - the blog that is - and of no great loss).

Blogging for me was a way of helping to instill self-discipline in my research thus improving my knowledge of the EU, by virtue of submitting it to public scrutiny. Yet therein lies a contradiction. In order to fight a battle, you need to know your enemy. But I don't want to know my enemy. Learning more about the EU is not only deadly deadly dull but I hate it with every sinew of my being. I just want the whole thing to magically uplift and plonk itself into the Bermuda Triangle.

And it's not just the EU. That the Tories, and especially Cameron, are europhiles is of no surprise. But only 6 and half months have gone since the election and the integration pace is unprecedented - there's another 4 years or so at least of this. I feel I'm doomed to repeat myself ad infinitum. Despite the wonderfully versatile nature of the English language there are really only so many ways that you can call Cameron a fucking liar.

Then I see this and this:
The Government has published a new set of principles which it wants to govern the relationship between new EU laws and UK law. It wants to reduce the degree to which EU Directives are changed and tailored for the UK.

"The key to the new measures will be the principle of copying out the text of European directives directly into UK law," said a statement from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). "The direct ‘copy out’ principle will mean that British interpretations of European law are not unfairly restricting British companies."

"This move will bring an end to the charge of 'gold-plating'," said Business Secretary Vince Cable. "The way we implement our EU obligations must foster, not hinder, UK growth by helping British businesses compete with their European neighbours."
Basically in order to become an MP you only have to answer two questions:
  1. Do you know what an EU Directive is?

  2. Do you know what Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V means?
If yes to both you've got the job. This is not just taking the piss. It's Cameron taking the piss wearing a clown suit, complete with big red feet, one of them twirly bow-tie thingies, and a water-squirting buttonhole flower whilst interfering with your wife then charging you for the privilege.

I shouldn't even be writing this blog post tonight; I should be at a Christmas meal. That's now been canceled because of the snow, I'm snowed in completely and the roads near me haven't been gritted in two days so subsequently they are dangerously icy, and to top it off I couldn't even watch live football. Not that inconvenient facts about the weather stops the Telegraph. The travel chaos made pages 1, 4 & 5 yet on page 24 we get a full page spread on how to reduce carbon emissions in transport to save the planet from global warming (can't find online):'s the heart of economic activity yet the more we use it the more carbon emissions are pumped into the atmosphere. With technology and more thoughtful planning we could make fewer journeys in a greener Britain...etc etc.
Kenneth Williams, in his final words summed it up; "Oh what's the bloody point". However then I read this post by The Filthy Engineer which articulates wonderfully what I'm thinking and that in itself cheers me up albeit in a depressing way.


  1. I'm just as depressed as you are. But however we feel, unless we few highlight what the MSM will not do, we will become more than depressed. We will be opressed.

  2. TBF, TFE, it's people like you who stop people like me from becoming suicidal. so, no matter how low you feel, be assured that you are doing something good.
    best wishes and Merry Christmas to you both.

  3. I've only been doing this stuff for a few weeks and I get tired of my own voice.

    But it does make a difference - let us count the ways.

    It lets them know we're here and we are saying no.

    It informs others.

    It gives encouragement.

    It makes us aware of their stupid (and dangerous) laws and regulations - laws and regulations that I believe don't apply to me.

    It deprives their acolytes of a free run to spout their fascist propaganda.

    I must admit - I just do it to put their noses out of joint; now that's got to be worth carrying on for.

    Head up, TBF- as cast-iron Dave says, "We're in this together".

  4. TBF: Do not be disheartened - we all feel the same about blogging and the EU.

    Now, I have the germ of an idea.........

  5. Lots of bloggers have had moments of self-indulgent melodrama over the last few months.

    You/We are not bloggers.

    You are bloody well patriotic freedom fighters.

    Ignoring us is the only weapon that the traitors have against us...

    ...but the longer we're ignored, the larger our number grows.

    Six-twelve months ago, when I started banging on about treason and the Bill of Rights, I thought I would be shot in my bed. Now, you can't read a MSM article without the comments pages being full of reference to treason.

    That perspective help..?

  6. @TFE You're absolutely right, though I have no plans to hang up my blogging boots yet, I think I just need a break.

    @jic Thank you for your kind words and Merry Christmas to you as well.

    @BJ Too true, a great comment

    @WfW cheers, now regarding your germ of an idea is it legal? ;-)

    @TTC Your perspective does indeed help, thanks.

    'Ignoring us is the only weapon that the traitors have against us...

    ...but the longer we're ignored the larger our number grows.'

    That is so true, it's just the frustration of waiting for it to come to pass.