Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cold Snap Is Result Of Climate Change

So says BBC Breakfast* this morning. Apparently if today is as cold as yesterday this current cold snap will break all records for this time of year, going right back to the 1870s. Not good news for our global warming friends you might think. But have no fear:

"Winters will get milder with climate change, however scientists have said that they will actually start off getting colder as the melting Arctic ice takes effect".
So now you know.

*Update: I should make it clear that the above statement was made by a spokesperson for The Weather Club (Yes, yes the irony) but the assertions went completely unchallenged and the two BBC presenters nodded approvingly.


  1. LMAO i watched that to
    No fact's just the brainwashing
    Talk about crying wolf

  2. @Anon, I was torn between crying with laughter and chucking something through the TV

  3. BBC Breakfast is one of the worst offenders of climate change idiocy.

    It is also the home of many laughable assertions by its airhead reporting team, one of which I happily managed to capture as a video clip this morning.

  4. @Indeed it is AM, I'm not sure why I watch it although it does help me to wake up quicker by raising my blood pressure significantly.

  5. Mind you, if you look on youtube you will find clips of Sian Williams showing her stocking tops!

    This mistake should also go on youtube. Oh to be interviewed on live TV on the BBC in bad freezing weather. I would definitely start a tirade about no such thing as man-made global warming!

  6. What fucking drugs are these people taking, they need help?