Friday, 17 December 2010

Thatcher Sympathises With UKIP

It's not unexpected news that Thatcher has sympathy with UKIP, however Alex Singleton at the Telegraph has an interesting post:
Baroness Thatcher may be the ultimate symbol of the Conservative Party, but it seems that she has sympathies with UKIP. Before the general election, she had lunch with Lord Pearson and they discussed the problems that Pearson, then UKIP’s leader, was having in keeping the support of activists.

She advised him to hire Viscount Monckton, a former Telegraph journalist, who she said had done a brilliant job for her in the Number 10 Policy Unit.
If this is the case then Alex's final paragraph is spot-on:
...there’s a question [the Tories] should be asking themselves. If even Margaret Thatcher, the longest-serving Conservative PM of the 20th century, now thinks that UKIP is worth helping, aren’t the Tories getting something seriously wrong?


  1. Quite indeed TBF, but when will the tory voting public get the message?

  2. Aren't the Tories getting something wrong? Surely it's easier for us to ask if they are getting anything right.

    The Tories don't do critical self examination so they won't be asking themselves anything - apart from perhaps how best they can circumvent IPSA and make money from their privileged positions.