Monday 7 January 2013

A Stain On Society

Perhaps Cameron thinks this kind of language is clever or helps him connect with us ordinary people - in that patronising tone he likes so much, but in truth it's pathetic, unstatesman-like and fake (my emphasis):
"To me the [coalition] is not a marriage," Cameron said at the launch of their midterm review, which is designed to rejuvenate the government after battles over House of Lords reform and climate change. "It is a Ronseal deal. It does what it says on the tin. We said we would come together, we said we would form a government, we said we would tackle these big problems. That is exactly what we have done."
Doing what it says on the tin is the last attribute that can be applied to this coalition, given cast iron promises, student tuition fees and just bog standard plain lies. Perhaps they think we're all so stupid to notice?

But at least Clegg is not debasing politics further by hosting a radio show in an attempt to "learn what the people really think". You would assume that as a member of the government, and as an MP he should already be aware of that - but apparently not. If not he could at least use the tried and tested "Google is your friend" technique, and take comfort in the fact that it's the only friend he's got.

Meanwhile the rest of us are actually trying to take politics seriously and make this country better.


  1. There was no tin which said gay marriage would be introduced. As I've learnt from Tony Blair's whiter than white, I mean what I say and I say what I mean, politicians make assertions now rather than statements of truth. So when Cameron says 'it does what it says on the tin ', he is asserting that to the public. He is making a statement of power, of projecting onto you what he wants you to think. He is not giving a statement of independently verifiable truth. Rather he is projecting his truth onto his audience.

  2. Cameron may have a point, TBF, as on the back of the tin it clearly says that 'Contents may be hazardous to health'... ;0)

  3. He clearly does not relate to those members of society who have to buy the cheaper Wicks version.

  4. They're trying to justify their positions and their salaries.

    And can't.

  5. Yes, and just after Dave said this, Nick Clegg quipped, "It's the unvarnished truth." Nobody laughed so he said to the journalists, "Well I thought it was funny."
    Hmm. Well he's the only one then. The omni-shambles this country is in certainly isn't funny.

  6. The problem with that quote is, that it may do what it says on the tin, but my personal experience of the product says it doesn't do it that well.

  7. @how life is changing Ah yes gay marriage, will add that in to the piece

    @Anon Lol and quite true.

    @Woodsy42, depends where you buy it, perhaps Cameron has done his research ;-) Then again probably not...

    @Julia Gasper, Yes I saw that, cringeworthy it was too. Cameron's phrase lends itself to so many puns and insults - partly why I wrote the post. But as your comment rightly says ultimately it's not funny and sadly very depressing.

    @wiggiatlarge Very apt ;-)