Saturday 5 January 2013

Dare Not Speak Its Name

If you look at the above picture, published in the Daily Mail, you'll spot a very big clue, one that even the government acknowledges, as per this (specifically page 12):
(d) information specific to the licence issued, numbered as follows:
4. (a) date of issue of the licence;
(b) date of expiry of the licence or a dash if the licence is valid indefinitely under the provision of Article 7(2)
6. photograph of the holder;
Yet amid the outrage not once does the Daily Mail even mention it:
More than two million motorists are unwittingly getting behind the wheel with an out-of-date driving licence that could land them with a fine of up to £1,000, a survey reveals today.

The problem stems from drivers wrongly believing that the photo-identity card they carry is for life. In fact, it must be renewed every ten years.

This, say insurance experts, is causing confusion and could  also render drivers’ insurance policies invalid.
Apparently the Daily Mail is a Eurosceptic paper.


  1. For the truth just take a look at the supposedly Eurosceptic Daily Mail describing itself in its own words.

  2. @Autonomous Mind, absolutely, it's written a few of those 'we want to stay in the EU' editorials.

    Amazes me that some who are pro-EU actually argue against a referendum because it would be 'hijacked by the Daily Mail'.

    Lord Ashdown used a similar argument in reply to me when I wrote to him about the Lisbon Treaty asking for the Lords to send it back with a referendum request.

  3. That debate is certainly being ramped up now and Brussels is sending out barbs over it.

    Let it roll.

  4. I still have my original licence - updated in 1997 for a speeding offence.

    I'll have to investigate - thanks for the heads-up.


  5. The DM is as eurosceptic as The BBC is. Of course they keep throwing scraps of anti-EU pieces to readers to try to show that is really doesn't like the EU.....the way it is but it could be better but with the UK in it.

    They allow the odd true eurosceptic like Booker the odd piece. Even Dellers I think has had articles in it. No matter what you say about Farage, it is noticable that the DM has been slagging him off personally such as old claims he drinks and smokes too much blah blah blah. It is all part of the media's campaign to keep the UK in the EU in the event of a referendum.