Sunday 6 January 2013

Quote Of The Day

"Of course, Britain could survive outside the EU...We could probably get access to the Single Market as Norway and Switzerland do..." 
Tony Blair, speech in Ghent, 23rd February 2000


  1. Good one TBF!! How will the media class respond to that? Oh silly me. They will ignore it.

  2. where did you dig that one up from? it has to be filed away as copy to be brought out to the daylight time and time again when the 'heir to Blair' utters such nonsense again and again....

  3. @thespecialone thanks, yes sadly you're right. In truth I was scrolling Hansard for a debate on Norway that involved Cameron - to see if he had lied 'in the house'. One of the debates contained this quote which was mentioned by Iain Paisley