Saturday 19 January 2013

Burying Bad News

After yet another cancellation due to the Algerian crisis, after much dithering hitherto, it appears that Cameron will now deliver his much awaited EU speech on Monday. As Your Freedom and Ours notes the same day as President Obama's second inauguration ceremony.

It really does display a special kind of ineptitude for Cameron to make such a mess of this as he has, an ineptitude that almost places him in genius territory. It's hard not to escape the conclusion that after all the build up, Cameron is aware of the mess he is in, so what better than to hide the speech behind another more prominent story that will dominate the headlines.

As a consequence of such weak indecisive leadership, another nail has been firmly driven into, not only the 2015 election for the Tories but also their existence as a party.


  1. "their existence as a party" is that such a bad thing?

  2. No. ;-)

    It's revealing though that they're so determined to do it just to remain members.

  3. I note your observation about burying bad news TBF and I agree, but just as a further observation...

    ...Why do our media seem to think that the re-investment of the President of the United States of America, is something that should "stop the clocks" etc. etc.?

    I have met Americans (with top quality degrees in Econometrics) that think that Amsterdam is in the north of England... i.e. they know nothing much about us, and it doesn't really matter either...

    ...Apart from the fact that we should not take the slightest bit of notice, when said incumbent tells us that "for our own good" we should keep Amsterdam in the north of England, or some rubbish to that effect.