Friday 18 January 2013

Met Office Advice


  1. - Switch off all heating: we have to limit this catastrophic Global Warming.

  2. And of course, demand many more millions of tax money be spent on an even bigger computer for the Met Office.

  3. Repeatedly say, "It's too cold to snow".

  4. A lot of stampeding people in the nanny state now.

  5. Followed all the advice, keep safe, wrap up warm, flask,
    carry a shovel etc. and didn't I
    feel a right silly sod on the bus this morn....

  6. There was gridlock in Birmingham yesterday lunchtime because lots of people panicked and ran for home early after listening to the hype on the radio and tv. I told my warehouse staff not to follow the sheeple, and wait until 5 p.m., by which time the roads were clear.

    It reminds me of the "boy who cried wolf" story.

    Same applies to motorway gantry signs warning of non existent hazards.
    In the end you just lose trust and ignore them.