Sunday 6 January 2013

"Norway Has To Obey All Laws"

"Norway has to obey all the rules of the Single Market...and it has no say over those rules". So says David Cameron on this morning's Andrew Marr (from 43:00 mins in).

This is not the usual politician's trick of avoiding the question, or answering a different question to the one asked or indeed waffling as to be meaninglessness. Instead the Prime Minister has willingly told a blatant untruth.

Aside from the veto, and Norway's influence duly noted on here and here, it's worth highlighting this - EEA 20 years on, page 18 (my emphasis):
To ensure the functioning of the EEA, the EEA EFTA Member States have to implement all EEA relevant EU legislation. Nevertheless, the EFTA Secretariat has so far identified more than 1 200 EU acts marked as EEA relevant by the European Commission that were contested by experts from the EEA EFTA Member States. An analysis by the Liechtenstein Institute concludes that these rejections were quite consistent with the EEA Agreement because most of these were excluded for technical reasons.
I'm aware that keep pointing this out may soon get monotonous, but when journalists like Andrew Marr cannot call out a lie when they see one, despite that as a BBC journalist he knows full well the situation is otherwise, we have to keep going.


  1. Good spot TBF - AM has another too.

    Keep going we must and will. Richard has posted on this and chose to overlook the lie about the percentage of trade UK/EU so I have nailed him on that lie too.

  2. The Chinese successfully sell into the UK - virtually everything is "Made in China"- and the UK is in the EU. Therefore China is selling successfully into the EU i.e the single market.
    Does China have to adopt all the EU rules and regulations ? Does it fuck. And neither would we if we were out of the EU.

  3. Thanks WfW, we look forward to a response to the letter...

    @ReefKnot, Quite, unfortunately logic doesn't seem to be a skill that can be associated with the 'in' camp.