Saturday 26 January 2013


Your humble Frog has been accused of many things but writing pro-EU propaganda has never been one of them...until now:
I regret to say that the article to which I am here responding, although very well researched, reads like nothing more than EU propaganda. Who wrote it?
So I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my readers who may be labouring under the impression that this blog is Eurosceptic. A small number of readers would have already been aware of the deception of course, donning special 'truth sunglasses' akin to those in the film They Live, which reveal the pro-EU subliminal messages that permeate this blog.

So in the style of Scooby Doo, it looks as if I have finally been unmasked. I beg forgiviness for the lie

Yours ever


  1. I am shocked and apalled. And if it hadn't been for that meddling commenter you would have got away with it!

  2. Hang your head in shame Froggy.


  3. I'm inclined to think the "With one bound they were free" line is a trap.

    It assumes a government which would do it, it assumes the sustained political will to carry it through the bumpy ride which would follow. It's got a lot of emotional appeal but it's rather like The Charge of the Light Brigade.

    The body of international regulation which exists at a level above the EU restrains us from doing whatever we please and to our advantage, stops others doing as they please.

    So while the EU is a dangerous experiment we'd be best out of and which is damaging, the notion of absolute sovereignty is a delusion.

  4. @mikebravo I thought I had a good innings considering...but truth always outs ;-)

    @CR *head held in shame*

    @cosmic Well said...

  5. Honestly you could not make this shit up its so bad. The Pro EUers are beyond anything imaginable.

  6. Thanks for the link, Sean. Blimey that some inaccurate piece, which ironically, and with some front, accuses the 'right wing' media of ignorance, lies and misconceptions..

  7. I attached the following to "Janes political ramblings"... a little rambling of my own Sean... I was bored, thanks for the H/T...

    "Ye gods… This really is rambling of the most incoherent type.

    Firstly it is interesting to note that Greens and (proper lefties Bob Crow, Arthur Scargill, Respeck and so on) recognise along with UKIP and the “right” of the CONservative party (even if they disagree on everything else) that the EU is a political con, dreamt up by politicians whose only interest is lining their own pockets.

    Then, ignoring the twaddle that has been written in the upper section, I drift into the “Crucial Benefits” section…

    In the first crucial benefit, we learn that we are “at the coalface” making the rules of the single market… Actually trading rules are generally agreed at world level, with such marvellous mnemonics like “GATT” which may or may not be agreed, I can never remember, but the EU is a signatory to that and the UK is (now) one 1/28th part of that negotiating team… OTOH, Those poor sad yokels in Norway, get a vote of their own at world level… AND they get a vote of their own, according to the rules of the EFTA along with Iceland and Lichtenstein at EU level in regard to so-called single market legislation… I kid you not. They, far from having what is often referred to as fax government, have MORE say than the UK.


  8. Here:

    ... The EU’s “single market” is actually a Zollverein (aka customs union) which seeks to keep foreigners out… It is really successful too, the EU (when it was the EEC) had 40% of the world market in goods and services, but since the introduction of the single market in the 1980′s, that number has risen fallen to 25%. How splendid (and crucial) is that?

    The EU health insurance card may or may not be a good idea (personally I don’t think so), but it certainly doesn’t need something like the EU for a few people to have a meeting and agree on something like this.

    As far as living wherever you want, this is already the case, pensioners live all over the world, and there are not many countries where the benefits of a pension scheme are not honoured by the company involved (it is pretty amazing that the UK welfare state complies with some of this), but they choose to pick and choose where they can be bothered to honour a business agreement. Oh and working age people (and genuine students) can work anywhere else in the world according to local rules… Be that using work-permits, or some sort of sponsorship et. al..

    The European arrest warrant has seen many honest Britons languish behind bars for over a year in some cases, even though they were completely innocent. It also has the power to make an act or deed that is illegal in member province ‘a’, also illegal in province ‘b’ where it was legal… It is part of the attempt to “harmonise” EU law. As far as this country is concerned, one of the prominent of examples was that of Andrew Symeou who was mistakenly identified as being guilty of pushing somebody to his death in a nightclub in Greece, that he wasn’t actually in. There were a couple of blokes living in a Hungarian Hellhole for nearly a year before they were both released without charge… A woman who had been caught thirty years ago moving a small quantity of “pot” from Morocco to the UK (via Spain), was arrested on the basis that she had absconed thirty years back… which she did, but that is not really that useful, even to the Spanish.

    The “ERASMUS” grants are only given to gifted students of the European Union… If you were studying something useful, the grants/places would not be available, it’s even more “political” about “Monnet” grants which are awarded to the high flyers in EU (thought?).

    The EU makes research grants available… Apparently the British have received more than £2.3 billion between 2002 and 2006… During which time (of course… how could I forget?) approximately £70 billion travelled in the opposite direction… phwoaarr… look at the research grants on that!

    Out of the 4118 (that’s FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN!) new pieces of legislation vomited out by the Brussels machine in 2012 that is LAST YEAR ONLY… (all of which was passed into UK law WITHOUT debate), approximately 6.8% might have originated in the UK parliament, but that is probably an over enthusiastic estimate.


  9. Oh er and thanks to the Boiling Frog too!

  10. I always had trouble telling a frog from a toad - I don't think you are a EU toadie though BF.

    Does this entitle you to salary, pension, and chauffeur-driven car, and what about those climate change binges.

    You could reconsider BF!!

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  12. So, the frog is a little chilly after all! [Mind you, with all this global warming, it is understandable.]

  13. Thanks Chaps.

    I really enjoyed the take down. Professionalism effort.

    Her tweets say you are just not being very nice to her. diddums.

    I think this tells you all you need to know. Taken inside Sheffield Uni where she is studying claimed >political science <

  14. @Sean I've also placed a detailed rebuttal - awaiting moderation. I have a copy if it's not approved.

  15. I've left a couple of comments for Colonel Hugo and his band of freedom fighters on that thread. I'm still laughing at the sincerity of his stupidity.

  16. Nice one AM, love the phrase Colonel Hugo. Is he aware that Article 50 is becoming UKIP's policy as articulated recently by Bloom and Farage...?

  17. No it doesn't appear he is aware. But that's years of being in UKIP for you.

  18. During my lifetime we have battled against Fascism, Communism and Islamism, all of them promoted by obsessives and fanatics who think they know better than the rest of us. The battle against Global Warmism continues. Now we have to defeat EUism whose true believers are just as crazy and impervious to criticism as all the others.

  19. We have ""met this Miller chappie before, have we not - and he's still talking crap.

  20. @Anon I'm not sure I have...could you elaborate if possible?

    I've certainly met some like him though