Thursday 3 January 2013

The French Regret Loss Of The Franc

In answer to, one has to admit a slightly leading question, "Eleven years after the introduction of the euro, do you regret the loss of the franc?" the French news website, Atlantico, has a poll which found that 62% of French people now regretted the loss of the French Franc. As shown in the table above (click to enlarge) in 2002, just 39% regretted the loss of the French Franc.

Such numbers are obviously not surprising given the Eurozone turmoil, but it is a reminder of the precarious position the EU finds itself in. To govern a country, or a population, you need either consent or fear. The EU has neither.

So launching a fundamentally flawed currency in those circumstances is folly on sticks. This poll merely demonstrates once again that the concept of the EU is built on sand, and when it starts to all go wrong it has no where left to go.
hattip: The thoughts of an independently minded MEP

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