Monday, 30 August 2010

A Bit Late To The Party

When I read Iain Dale's latest post last night on the fact that he's just noticed the failings of the European Arrest Warrant, I honestly couldn't face writing another blog post about him, especially with such 'observational' gems such these:
I haven't had a strong view on the European Arrest Warrant up to now. Until today. I could see its value in bringing trans-border criminals to justice more speedily, even if my gut instinct was to feel that it was yet another chink in the armour of sovereign British justice.
and (my emphasis):
Theresa May has recently extended the powers of the EAW by signing up to the European Investigation Order. I hope she understood what she was doing.
And if Theresa May is the woman I think she is, she will pick up the phone to her Greek counterpart tomorrow morning and ask him to put right this apparent massive injustice.

Go on Theresa. You know you want to.

Thankfully The Devil's Knife has responded in his typically robust manner and very well worth a read it is too.

Update: It appears there's a dispute over whether Dan Hannan and other Tories voted for or against the EAW in the EU Parliament. DK cites Trixy as saying yes they did, whilst Dan Hannan left a comment here claiming that he didn't. I've left a comment on DK saying:

DK: The vote was taken on Feb 6th 2002 as shown here ... and the voting record is here. 412 voted in favour and 122 against. Records show that Hannan voted against the Arrest Warrant. Hope that helps.

Although it does appear that the Tories did vote against a "habeas corpus" safeguard amendment as reported by the Telegraph.


  1. TBF, I have given up commenting on ID, even though I do read him, as it just perpetuates his belief in his own self-importance.

    I do though contribute the occasional 'bitchy' response to one or two of this tweets!

  2. Agreed WfW, hope your tweets wind him up!

  3. WfW and the BF, I agree with both of you, Mr Dale is now concerned about Mr Dale and his income. That's been apparent for a while.