Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The So Called 'Liberal' Party Continues To Leak Members

An arrogant, sanctimonious Liberal commentator jumps ship:

This has probably been the most difficult political decision I’ve made yet. Being an independent lefty was a badge I wore with pride; it gave me the license to criticise and praise any political party without the baggage that comes with affiliation.

The decision to nail my colours to the mast then wasn’t taken lightly.

But eventually, I don’t think it was possible to sit by idly while the Coalition tries to better Thatcher in destroying the welfare state. I wanted to get involved in the fight-back but I also wanted to be part of a political movement that articulated an alternative. And so, the political climate forced my hand.

Nothing like principles eh, Sunny Hundal? Apparently Sunny says:
But joining Labour was not an easy choice. I could not bring myself to vote for Labour in May 2010 because too many of its MPs tried their best to alienate centre-left voters like myself. It wasn’t just Iraq, ID cards, child detention centres, obscene anti-terror laws or the lock-em-up approach to prisons It wasn’t just that a close friend had talked to a seven yr-old from Congo who had been imprisoned for months just for seeking asylum and pursuing an education here.
Not an easy choice? Hmm you were a member of the Lib Dems and have crossed the floor to the Labour party both of whom support this policy (my emphasis):
Catch criminals, sex offenders and terrorists. Our MEPs support greater co-operation between police forces such as the European Arrest Warrant that helps Britain swiftly bring back suspects to face justice in this country rather than wait for the old lengthy extradition procedures.
The same 'Liberal' views that has led to this and this and this.

Not so difficult a choice, or being cynical maybe a decision based on the fact that Lib Dem voting shares have significantly suffered since the election?


  1. But TBF, this is Sunny Hundal - what more would you expect?

    I know you to be an intelligent and extremely kind man.......but the only words you could come up with are Arrogant & Sanctimonious to describe this raving, self-opinionated, self-important and brain-dead prat????

  2. No WfW I can think of other words, but this is supposed to be a polite blog!