Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lies, Damn Lies...

It's an unofficial policy of mine to rarely link to these far-left Neanderthals, (I notice the website design has suffered considerably since their designer quit on the eve of the Election) but my attention has been drawn to this line in their reaction of Lord Pearson's resignation:
Despite UKIP fighting nearly every seat in the country, their total vote collapsed by over two million nationally, while the BNP, which only fought half the number of seats, saw its vote percentage increase.
Collapsed? Odd how did they come to that conclusion?
2005 UKIP vote: 605,973
2010 UKIP vote: 920,334
Increasing the total vote by over 314,000 looks a strange collapse to me. Ah but if you compare 2010 with the 2,498,226 that UKIP achieved in the Euro elections last year then it looks rather different. So have these idiots compared like with like.
2009 BNP vote: 943,598
2010 BNP vote: 563,743
On that basis the BNP lost nearly 380,000 votes, hmm not quite the increase they claim, they must have compared theirs with the 2005 election.

So to 'prove' their point they compare UKIP's vote with the EU elections but their own with the 2005 election and all this in an article ridiculing Lord Pearson's honesty.

Desperate stuff.

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  1. Now, now, they aren't exactly known for their ability to reason within the confines of facts and logic. Best left to their own little fantasy world, bit like Labour core voters.