Thursday, 19 August 2010

First They Came For....

I don't smoke, unfortunately my wife does (despite me advising her not to, but hey ho her choice) however activities like this only encourage me to take up the activity in defiance:

Sadly the only astonishing thing about this, is not that it happened, but that someone (i.e. a victim) didn't respond in a ...erm...more robust manner.

hattip: Corrugated Soundbite


  1. I am getting to the point where my need to sit down in Parliament Square with a sign round my neck saying 'no more' looms large.

    I am getting utterly and totally sick to the back teeth of Parliament, fake charities, quangos and their little authoritarian hit squads.

    But hey... no-one can blame me... I voted UKIP!

  2. The funny thing (well, it's not that funny) is that I used to go to a lot of voluntarily non-smoking venues prior to the ban and was quite happy to step outside a couple of times an evening.

    One thing we did have where I live were a couple of pubs with well ventilated smoking areas. Partitioned off (obviously), but under the same roof. The whole blanket ban anti-smoking drive smacks to me of one thing - Big Pharma - and their determination to get us spending on expensive and useless patches and gum forever (I don't believe in the NWO as such, but this is local, so to speak).

    Obviously, it's not worth starting smoking unless you happen to know a friendly Polish bloke with a lorry ;-) But I think you highlight the core difference between someone who doesn't want to smoke - and isn't keen on it - versus the vehement anti-smokers who have simply found a government sanctioned cause to vilify, all for a tiny bit of "power".

  3. TBF, this link be worthwhile reading, if you haven't already:

    Bear in mind the police had been informed beforehand, that initially the victims were a plant, that this was done with the knowledge of their teachers.....

    Education? No, political mind manipulation!

    Had I been a victim they would have had an 'energy' problem as their lights would have been well and truly 'punched out'!

  4. I can't wait for someone to try that on me.