Saturday, 28 August 2010

DeJa Vu

Iain Dale, nearly a week late:
Mr Civil Libertarian just left this comment on my Facebook page...

"You know, the 111 number was a part of Labour's manifesto. See HERE.

This isn't a new idea from the coalition. It's Labour's idea. So why are they campaigning against it? Ah, of course, because it's not them actually doing

I hate party politics so damn much."
Er yes as I pointed out here, and in the comments on Dizzy's post last Monday. Eureferendum is right it's the power of prestige principle - not what is said but who says it. It's not an ego thing for me, more frustration - I couldn't careless about links for statistical reasons but clearly most bloggers in Dale's eyes are not important enough to be listened to even when they have a point.

Noticeable in Dale's post is the absence of a reference to the EU element - I wonder how long that will take, when the 111 number goes national and incorporates the 116 117 number?


  1. TBF, Have you not realised that Iain Dale, together with possibly one 'other' is only interested in self-promotion!

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