Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I'm not a fan of cats I admit, but that doesn't mean I endorse cruel treatment of them, however Iain Dale's post here is ridiculous (my emphasis):
I don't know how many of you have seen the CCTV footage on Sky of a woman putting a cat in a wheelie bin, where it stayed for 15 hours until released by the owner of the wheelie bin.

I'm not normally in favour of capital punishment, but for her I'd make an exception.

I have never understood how anyone can be deliberately cruel to animals. I hope this woman is soon identified and that she is then subjected to the full force of the law. Or the tabloid newspaper treatment. Whichever is worse.
Aside from the fact that Iain is having trouble getting the facts right recently, is he seriously suggesting that the woman in question should be executed but not him, him or him?

But as always it seems a case of; 'aren't cats' cute' despite that they kill an estimated 92 million animals a year and are not native to this country?

Labour MP, Kerry McCarthy tried the cute argument initially this time last year when Wilbur in Bristol was eaten by Squash the python:
Chris, don't you have any empathy at all with the cat's owners? I think it's remarkably callous of you to feel able to post something like this when it's obvious the owners are incredibly upset by what happened. I now regret alerting them to the fact that I've blogged about it, as I am sure these responses will just cause them further distress. And cat food only consists of the bits no-one else would eat anyway; that's why you never get bits of pig in catfood, because they're aren't any leftovers - you can eat 'all but the squeak' as they say.
After an overwhelming response of; "good, tough!", Kerry changed tact and try to argue that it wasn't about cats but that snakes shouldn't be pets, even though statistically:
No-one…ever…in the UK has ever been killed by a python despite that some escape or are abandoned each year. Compared to attacks by dogs, they are one of the safest pets to have.
Basically if you want to commit murder and get away with it wear a cute cat mask. Iain Dale and Kerry McCarthy will more than likely support you.

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