Tuesday, 24 August 2010


The BBC reports:
David Cameron has said he is a "very proud dad" after his wife Samantha gave birth to a girl, their fourth child.

The baby - weighing 6lb 1oz - was delivered by caesarean section while the family was on holiday in Cornwall.

Mr Cameron said the new arrival was "absolutely thrilling" and added that the couple had yet to decide on a name.
I would like to add my congratulations. However this is a comment on the Daily Mail site:
I wish she'd lost it. I can't stand these people!
- Hasib, London, England, 24/8/2010 16:41
Aside from the absolute disgusting nature of this comment, it should be noted that this has passed Daily Mail moderation. So why therefore is it so difficult to get other comments pass, that either criticise their articles for the lack of accuracy or that omit the involvement of the EU?


  1. Maybe Hasib sounds non-british (islamic, actually), so they passed it in the name of political correctness, eh ?

  2. Maybe Riddick :-) Although I wasn't aware that the DM was renowned for its political correctness.