Friday, 6 August 2010

My Hols

As from today I'm off on holiday for a week, and my internet access will be limited or non-existent, so blogging will be taking a sabbatical as well.

And talking of holidays leads me neatly onto this article in the Mail today regarding consequences of the European Arrest Warrant:
A student and four of his friends are facing years in a Greek prison after a holiday turned into a nightmare.

They were flown to Athens yesterday. Lawyers for the five claim the case against them is 'ridiculously weak', but they were powerless to prevent the extradition as the Greek authorities used the controversial European Arrest Warrant to force them to stand trial.
The long arm of EU power is now starting to affect people directly and in ways that it can no longer hide from. As Richard North states on a post regarding immigration the cracks in the dam are appearing. It will only get worse.

You can only govern peope by either consent or fear; the EU has neither. And when it starts to interfere negatively and obviously in people's lives, without democratic recourse, then the project is in trouble. Big trouble. It's always only ever been a question of time.

I leave you with a quote from one of the suspect's mothers.

[Mr Holland's] mother Vanessa said: 'How many more young innocent British lads like George will be banged up across Europe before the Government shows some mettle and gets to grips with the failings of the European Arrest Warrant?

'Parents, be very afraid – this summer it could be your sons wrongly accused yet you'll be powerless to stop their extradition and immediate detention.

'When did this country become so feeble in failing to stand up for the rights of its own?