Friday, 27 August 2010

Support For EU Plunges

In news that probably should be under the same category as, a bear was spotted heading towards a forest clutching a newspaper, confidence in the EU has dropped to record lows in most countries, according to a Eurobarometer published yesterday.

Fewer than half of Europe's citizens think that their country has benefited from EU membership, the lowest in seven-years and trust in EU institutions has dropped to 42 percent.

The report does make clear that that its survey (conducted in May) was taken just after turbulence in Eurozone and before any measures had yet to filter through. So understandably unemployment was the top concern, the EU's response was viewed negatively and the majority thought the crisis will get worse.

When asked what EU is associated with; – the top three were free travel, the euro and peace - although this was closely followed by "waste of money.
Only 19% think the EU stands for democracy, coming in 9th place. Guess which country came bottom in its trust of the EU? (click to enlarge)

Yep, the UK by quite some distance.

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