Monday, 20 September 2010

Another Medway Council Update

On the 6th September I blogged the following in regard to a less than comprehensive response by Medway Council to a complaint:
I'm currently writing a response, I will post it on here when I can.
On reflection I've changed my mind. I've decided to keep my powder dry. Ciggy busters were apparently organising another 'event' this month and so far nothing has happened and Rachael's twitter account has not been updated since I complained. My instinct is that the blogosphere's reaction has prompted an about-turn, despite us being universally fobbed off by the relevant authorities. The school, council and maybe the police have been taken aback by the reaction. Good.

So if no more ciggy busters' activities take place then, for me, it's job done. If however there are more 'demonstrations' - in the same format as before - then a second complaint will go in referencing my first.


  1. Yep. They've turned tail and run.

  2. You could see straight away that they realised they'd gone over the top by the speed that they took their youtube video down.
    Also that dear Rachael had to block users from her site except by invitation only. I confess I would love to be able to see her cabal and their witterings.

  3. @Bucko, indeed they have.

    @TFE, Absolutely, if Medway Council truly believed in the contents of their reply to me then they would organise another event with bells and whistles attached. The fact that they haven't is proof that it's 1-0 to the blogosphere. Good work by all.

  4. They have just banned fast food joints outside schools now.

    Isn't this supposed to be a Conservative Council. Looks like they are all a bit authoritarian over in North Kent

  5. Thanks, Anon, I've not seen that and you're right. They do seem a bit obsessed with public health issues.