Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Murky Worlds Part II

From Guido :
The fallout from Cable’s speech seems to be overshadowing Clegg’s big day out at the UN. Once again “the sage” is the LibDem everyone is talking about. Describing those that work in finance as “spivs” has caused some consternation and outrage in the City, but was lapped up in the hall of course. Sky News gave Clegg a hammering over it and he very clearly did not defend Cable’s words. A better line of questioning would have been whether Clegg thought his brother was a spiv, or his dad, or David Cameron’s late father was a spiv, or LibDem’s donors, or David Laws. The list goes on…

Such an absurdly insulting dismissal, that tars a whole industry as criminals, would look dreadful coming from any Cabinet minister, let along one responsible for representing the government to these very spivs. How such a vehement anti-capitalist could be given the brief is mind-boggling. For a few cheap laughs and claps in a hall Cable has done untold damage to the Coalition’s reputation.
Vince Cable's principles are so entrenched that he has resigned...oh wait he hasn't.


  1. Forget Vinny's views on the capitalist madness, and focus on his view of the EU....entirely shared by the Top Tory Troika...

  2. @J Ward. Good post at yours, which reflects my views I've expressed here:

    It's so depressing.