Monday, 20 September 2010

MP Referendum Response

I emailed my Tory MP on the 9th September asking if he would sign the referendum pledge. I've had a response and as expected there's not much room for hope, in fact he ignored the question completely and the tone of the email was markedly more pro-EU. It was the usual; 'the UK is better at the heart of Europe' and 'balance constructive engagement with the EU whilst protecting sovereignty' nonsense. More confirmation that Tory policy hasn't changed since 1973.

I'm always wary about putting my MP's replies on my blog as in essence it is a private 2-way conversation between MP and constituent, so I hope you'll forgive me for publishing this paragraph which stood out:
In the past, EU member states have not shown enough determination and consistency in delivering on foreign policy goals; I hope that the European External Action Service will be a strong advocate of the European Union’s collective demonstration of those qualities.
A Tory MP has in effect advocated the diminishing of the role of the FCO. Astonishing!

I would like to add that my MP has always replied promptly to my emails and he was the only candidate at the election count (which included 2 constituencies) to inquire after Nigel Farage's health. But in terms of EU policy he might as well join the Lib Dems - oh wait he has.

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