Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tories Will Sell Out To EU

So says a great post by the Slog:
The Slog has learned from a number of senior and reliable sources over the last week that the Coalition Government - and the Conservative leadership even without the LibDems to consider - has dropped any and all pretence of fighting Brussels on sovereignty issues: and certainly considers secession from the Union to be completely off the agenda.
Which reflects the sentiments by the Wall Street Journal here, the Slog continues:
Senior backbench Tories three weeks ago were giving me the "Well, it's the Libdems you see" line, but this is clearly not the case. So The Slog is left wondering where all these brave chaps shouting "Aux barricades!" three months ago have gone - into junior government slots, perhaps? - and what happened to the George Osborne who was busy abolishing EU-friendly departments within the Treasury during early June.
A senior Whitehall official communicated to The Slog last Monday as follows:

'This isn't a case of William Hague going native. In private, he sees the EU as a historical fact. It's clear he has done for some years. The idea that he's anti-Europe stems from his utterances of years ago. He does not see the fight as worth it, and to be honest he doesn't give off the air of a man passionate about reforming it either".

Last week a Treasury renegade told us, "I don't know all of it for certain, but I think there was a Party line during the election, and I'm pretty sure it was to spoil things for UKIP. There's certainly been some talk of reining in Europe here, but it's largely inconsequential. The [City] regulatory stuff and the Budget monitoring has gone through without a murmur".
The rest of the Slog's post is well worth a read.

Please when will Tory supporters accept the truth; your party is screwing you sideways.


  1. Still some out there blaming UKIP for splitting the EUskeptic vote. They just can't see why a lot of us couldn't and wouldn't vote for Cameron's pro EU party simply to get rid of Labour.

    They're learning though.

  2. Agreed QM, albeit learning slowly. Cameron will wake up one day and find that his 'quiet revolution' means that he has no party left - they've all gone elsewhere

    TT, indeed