Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Decision Not To Join Euro Was Right

Says, amazingly, a Lib Dem. From the BBC:

Senior Lib Dem minister Danny Alexander has admitted the previous Labour government made the "right decision" in not pushing to join the euro.

The chief secretary to the Treasury, who once helped run the campaign for the UK to adopt the single currency, said he felt "relieved" it had failed.

He's not the only relieved.

"In the current economic circumstances I'm relieved that we are not in the euro...I still think there's a case for that [membership] in the long term, but that's a long way off."He added: "I think that the flexibilities that we have as an economy are helping our economy to recover."

I'll resist from saying 'that we told you so'.

hattip: Derek Bennett


  1. But it appears he still has an idiotic belief that some time in the future joining the Euro will be a 'good idea'. The thought processes of these people are not the same as for normal people. If the Euro isn't good for us now, why on earth should it become good for us in the future?

  2. Spot on JIC. He's must assuming that we would never need that flexibility again, as if there will never be another recession after this one. Another contender for the Brown 'we abolished boom and bust' camp.