Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Quote Of The Day

From England Expects:
There is no Conservative Party left. They are fully signed up to the European Project and they ahve [sic] no desire to wrest back powers from Brussels. Don't listen to what they say, just look at what they do.
I couldn't agree more, when will the likes of Tory supporters realise this?


  1. The EU will break up in Germany. Not through the actions of the British Conservative Party. I'd give Merkel months before she falls. The next leader will be eurosceptic.

  2. Agree, Tap. It's long been a view of mine that it will be Germany that affects the outcome and future of the EU. What stops them at the moment is 'guilt' for very obvious historical reasons. That however subsides with each generation.

    And you're right Merkel is in trouble especially over her handling of the Greek crisis. The Germans I suspect will elect a leader who says; 'enough' to the EU