Tuesday 28 September 2010

Sorry I Didn't Read It

Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary has at last apologised for his comments made during the World Cup regarding the Hilsborough tragedy:

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has apologised to relatives of Hillsborough disaster victims over comments he made, relatives said.

Mr Hunt angered campaigners when he suggested that crowd unrest may have been to blame for the crush that killed 96 supporters in April 1989.

He made the comments while praising the behaviour of England World Cup fans.

His excuse?
'I am very sorry I did not read the full Taylor report and I have read it now and I am really, really sorry for my comments'."
So the Minister for Sport admits he never read (until now) the most famous, groundbreaking and accurate inquiry into sporting grounds, which proved to be the watershed not just in football but right across sport in general.

But then I shouldn't be surprised Caroline Flint, Minster for Europe at the time, admitted she'd never read the Lisbon Treaty.

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