Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Another Broken Promise

In his own inimitable style, Witterings from Witney sticks one up David Cameron. As he rightly points out Cameron has broken more promises than you can shake a stick at. He argues:
Some may say that it is unfair accusing David Cameron of breaking promises and that is, to a certain extent, true as all politicians break promises they make - one has only to look at the record of the last government. But Cameron is the 'politician du jour', he is the Prime Minister, he is the one talking about keeping promises - but he lies or, in parliamentary terms, he is being economical with the actualité. But then, aren't all politicians?
What's more damning though is more and more Cameron is being compared to Ted Heath. That's not a legacy I would be proud of if I were leader of the Tory party, but it's one that Cameron thoroughly deserves.


  1. Thanks for the link, TBF. Want a job as my publicity agent?

  2. "Cameron is being compared to Ted Heath"

    How can this be? He's already stated that he is the "Heir to Blair".

    I'm afraid that he's the breed of politician that is only in politics for the Kudos and publicity it brings.

    It seems that these days it takes a period of about thirty years before we get a leader with real conviction. We are in the void years.

  3. 'Heir to Blair'? That was Cameron's desire, a shame that as a former PR man he can't even get the basics right:


    Agree about the void years...a long wait is due I think sadly for "a leader with real conviction"

  4. I liked the name given by Hitchens in Sundays Mail.

    Mr Slippery