Saturday, 31 March 2012

It Took Its Time...

...But the Sun gets it:

CHANCELLOR George Osborne was yesterday accused of crumbling to euro judges by enforcing the hated Pasty Tax.

A European Court of Justice ruling meant he was under pressure to either slap VAT on all hot takeaway food or axe the duty completely.

In the case, a German won a bid to carry on selling grilled sausages without charging VAT.
Last night the Treasury admitted they had taken account of a number of court cases. Some Tory bigwigs reckon Mr Osborne will do a U-turn — a call made by The Sun's Who VAT All the Pies? campaign.


  1. You certainly haven't gone off the boil, Buddy!

  2. Nice to see The Sun 'outing' the reason for the pasty-tax. The rest of the MSM have ignored it.

    I'm sure Cameron is starting to regret the Leveson Commission!

  3. The Government will NOT do a u-turn on this because they will leave themselves open to a claim for VAT refunds from Chip Shop owners potentially running into billions.

  4. @Oldrightie, thanks :-)

    DeeDee99 A good point, which I confess escaped my mind

    @Anon No I agree they probably won't but they hoped to get away with it without the EU being mentioned...whoops

  5. The government could not have removed the vat. Once established it can not be removed. There is a limited time after it has been charged at a high rate to then lower the charged rate, and even then it can not be below 5%.