Friday, 23 March 2012

How Convenient?

I predicted about 2 months, but the minimum alcohol price story has reared its head after only just a month. So why so soon?

On a separate note, George Osbourne and the coalition have taken quite a kicking over the budget, particularly the so-called granny-tax:
The full extent of George Osborne’s stealth tax raid on pensioners was laid bare yesterday.

Around 700,000 people turning 65 next year will be hit the hardest – losing £323 annually with the end of age-related income allowances.

In all, the ‘granny tax’ will take £3.5billion from the pockets of more than 4.4million pensioners. Senior Tories have denounced it privately as the Chancellor’s biggest blunder.
So how convenient then that a perpetually announced policy that never materialises makes the headlines this morning.


  1. Classic distraction technique.

  2. Yes indeed, and now even that's going wrong

  3. Come the next election there will not be a word in the press or on the tv about it.
    Since the electorate has a short-term memory of about 25 minutes i do not expect granny taxation to feature highly in any parties manifesto...