Friday, 16 March 2012

A Very Gallant Gentleman

100 years ago today Captain Oates sacrificed himself to try to save his friends, with his last immortal words - the ultimate example of English understatement:
"I am just going outside and may be some time"


  1. It seems incredible that it was only 100 years ago; it seems to me it should be far longer.

    I first read the story of the doomed Antartic Expedition in a Ladybird 'Famous People' book - Scott of the Antartic. What a marvellous set of publications Ladybird produced - I learnt so much from them.

    I wonder if today's children have a clue who Scott and Captain Oates were? Somehow I doubt it. It would make a great (British produced and acted) film.

  2. Ah Ladybird books, still have a few of them knocking about in my loft left over from my childhood.

    James May (of Top Gear fame) once did a tribute to them, now taken off YouTube.

    Agree, there seems to be a lack of tributes to them all round - no programme on tv at all. It's a bit different I suspect to next month regarding the anniversary of the sinking of a large ship