Monday, 26 March 2012


On many levels the 'cash for Cameron' scandal is rather predictable tedium, particularly when it excites the likes of John 'more chips than a McCain factory' Prescott. Much excitement in the Westminster Village ensures as one party criticises another while pretending they're squeaky clean themselves. Meanwhile the rest of us simply shrug our shoulders and sigh with very good reason "they're all the same".

However, it does allow us to indulge in a little schadenfreude as Cameron lurches from one crisis to another in just under a week. It's not just the toxicity of the scandal but that it personalises Cameron himself, not helpful when Labour has soared in the polls post-budget.

Laughably Number 10 is concerned because they consider Cameron as the Tories' greatest electoral asset:
This is one reason why No.10 will be particularly eager to dilute this story. They have always regarded Cameron as perhaps their best electoral asset. If he is tarnished, goes the thinking, then so are the Tories' electoral chances.
This will be the same Cameron that led the Tories to a massive 100 seat majority...oh wait.  It wasn't just any old election either. Labour were hugely unpopular, the Prime Minister was clearly unfit for office and there was a very strong 'anyone but Brown' vote. As open goals go...and Cameron's Tories fluffed it - big time.

If Cameron is the Tories' greatest asset, it speaks volumes for the quality of the rest of them.

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