Monday, 26 March 2012

The Real Thugs

Above is a picture of my view yesterday from my seat in the shithole more popularly known as Wembley, at the JPT final. A second visit hasn't changed my views of the place, particularly as it took over 20 minutes at half time to queue for the Gents' toilet, in a stadium less than half full, and far longer than it did in the old Wembley. Still that's £798 million worth of progress for you:
Football games were held on the pitch and visitors tested the 2,618 toilets - more than any other venue in the world.
On the right of the picture above is an example of copious blue coated so-called stewards that walk about the place 'keeping order'. Generally in football stadia stewards tend to have two kinds of colours - yellow and orange (Orange ones are the important ones apparently). However blue was a new colour - to me -  and on the back were the words; 'Response Team'. So not stewards then. Their attitude was no different though. By keep walking in front of the supporters, so obstructing our view, they were politely asked to stop - after all Wembley tickets are not cheap. The response was robustly unhelpful along the lines of; "tough we'll kick you out if you don't like it".

And previously despite the day passing off very peacefully, with warm weather and friendly banter between opposing fans sharing the same pubs, 'England's law and order' decided that wasn't acceptable, and so confiscated cans of beer from numerous fans outside the stadium (including from myself) and tipped it away down the drain, much to the delight of female police on horses.

One can only come to the conclusion that authorities are being deliberately provocative.


  1. .........Anyway why did we need an international stadium at all?

    Wembley, a 'pink elephant' vanity project of that girls blouse and total scrote, Adam Crozier. For gawds sakes, the [you know...] FA - very apt description of the board and chairmen from before Croaker and onwards, such utter braindead 'anal' imbeciles.

    National stadium, in Birmingham, a new build would have cost £300mill' and have had far, far superior transport links [you know it's in the centre of the ****].

    EVERYBODY KNEW THAT: it was better for England to have games played in Newcastle, Manchester and the North, where the fire and passion are legendary and vex opponents, all the other European national teams do this. Whereas our weak headed FA play on the Wembley 'mystique'[certainly it works for the opponents of England!!!]
    ....... and - London fans are a weak minded fickle set of kids, ignorant, impolite and with absolutely no feel for the great game itself.

    So the decision was "lets spend 800 million and rebuild in a central part of LONDON" - vintage FA b^77^x.
    Never mind lets put up another statue of Bobby - that'll make it OK.... .

  2. @Anon I did enjoy watching England games when they 'traveled' round the country - particularly when Beckham scored against Greece at Old Trafford - I broke a seat at the time celebrating

    Sadly like most things - the media, politics and sport etc everything is London-centric...

  3. There's no mystique around Wembley anymore. Its a corporate identikit stadium, not the hallowed ground with history.

  4. I thought you were an Owl Mr frog?

  5. Owl, Frog, Robin? Tattoos? Now I am really confused

  6. @Sean :-) Nope not an Owl - used to watch Blades during time as a Sheffield Uni student - 'footie for a fiver' plus a free pint promotion did the trick.

    Life-long Robin (Swindon) fan, since I was 12ish, for my sins

  7. particularly as it took over 20 minutes at half time to queue for the Gents' toilet

    That's equality, BF. They had to for centuries, now this is the payback.