Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Well Chuffed?

If you're going to get a tattoo done as a tribute to your own football team, as pictured above,
Bit sore at the minute but well chuffed...
...at least get the year that your club was founded right
Founded 4 September 1867


  1. Good Man!

    As I was saying to a little piggy this afternoon there's only two clubs in Sheffield, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield FC.

    Anyway sorry to bring you back to earth, but you need to get back to the Tat parlor and get the first 7 changed to a 6 as in 1867!

    Sorry mate :0)

  2. Reminds me, of the Portsmouth dwelling Scumchester fan, who had a tattoo drawn covering most of his lower leg. Written above and below with a large and colourful club badge in red yellow and black, "RED DEVILS" at the top and underneath it: "Man United Champions 1992!" - they came second.

  3. @Anon The year they lost to Leeds :-)

  4. Indeed sir, indeed, last time football made me smile - I can still remember clearly, very clearly the people on street corners and on the roadside in Sheffield clapping us lot! After we had virtually sealed the 1st div championship with a loony game and a 3-2 win v Sheff U' yes applauding us [I shall never forget it] the Leeds coaches [and us fans] and Sheffield [dare I say it] is not a hot-bed of Leeds fanaticism!!

    Bless them, Yorkies all and I have always had a fond spot for United, can't say the same for Wednesday but I can't love 'em all!

    BTW, not long now for Town - moving up a league - good luck and nice one Paolo!