Friday, 2 March 2012

Please Sir Can I Have Some More?

That we don't really run our own country as members of the EU is hardly a secret, nor particularly a conspiracy but a fact that is hidden out in the open - with bells and whistles on. Instead the subject of the EU is treated by the MSM and MPs rather like Voldemort from Harry Potter - he who cannot be named - it's better to avoid the subject because it's a little too inconvenient to tackle the truth and fight the problem.

Nothing illustrates this better today than Cameron in the Telegraph, first he was ignored:

And then he was 'heard':

Ah bless, poor Dave whinges that the EU ignored him and they had to reassure him that no they really did listen to him - and then told him to go do one (as the Treaty he supposedly 'vetoed' was signed anyway)

And so in a single day the whole concept of 'UK influence in the EU' and 'in Europe not been ruled by it' is comprehensively torpedoed below the waterline - the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland reduced to begging on his knees - please sir can I have some powers back? Yet still the MSM nor the Tories will see it - the impotency of our own country there in plain sight.

But, apparently we have more important matters to attend to like whether Cameron rode a horse or not. I note the horse in question has died and (probably) been sent off to a glue factory. I would suggest the same fate should befall Cameron, but given his history on promises the subsequent adhesive qualities probably won't come up to standard.


  1. Have tweeted because it states in clear, unequivocal language exactly what's going on. I, for one, am sick of this week's ongoing top news story about 'did he or didn't he ride the horse'. The msm are a disgrace and the lobby journalists are lickspittle toadies of the first order. Cameron is only too happy to hide behind their skirts.

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  3. @James Higham, it is agreed

    @Goodnight Vienna thanks very much for the tweet and your kind comments

    @Captain Ranty, Hmmm suspect that's not the real Ranty talking...