Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Left To Rot

I've touched on the scandal of the European Arrest Warrant before, and so it's reared it's ugly head again (my emphasis):
 A man facing extradition to Portugal to stand trial for a crime he was acquitted of nearly two decades ago said today his life has been 'turned upside-down'.

Photographer Graham Mitchell, 49, said he had been left 'terrified' by the prospect of being sent abroad to face charges he thought he had been cleared of.

Mr Mitchell was earlier this month arrested on a European arrest warrant to face charges of the attempted murder of a German tourist on the Algarve in 1994.

But Mr Mitchell and his friend, Warren Tozer, were in 1995 cleared of the attack on Andre Jorling, who was left paralysed from the waist down after falling from a 12ft sea wall.

British police acting on the arrest warrant issued by Portuguese authorities arrested Mr Mitchell at his home in Canterbury, Kent, on March 6.

British Police are effectively being ordered to arrest British citizens based on no evidence and on a double jeopardy case 18 years after the alleged crime was committed. Not only that they can’t even get the charges right.

The scandal of the EAW was instigated by Lib Dem MEP Sir Graham Watson MEP:
Yet again Sir Graham Watson MEP cannot resist telling the world that he is the man responsible for guiding the ill conceived and flawed European Arrest warrant through the European Parliament.

Indeed Sir Graham seems to be proud of his part in bringing about this legislation even though his enthusiasm is shared by very few others.

The European Arrest Warrant overrides centuries of British judicial tradition.
And has subsequently been supported by Nick Clegg:

Nick Clegg has argued that the European Arrest Warrant - a cross-border crime-fighting agreement heavily criticised by many Conservatives - "is indispensable" to the UK.

The deputy prime minister said co-operation was the "only means" of tackling drugs, smuggling and gangs.
It is also a situation supported by our judiciary, and, despite the fake protestations to the contrary, by our MSM by virtue of their support of EU membership.

We're being left to rot.


  1. The best bit is Andre Jorling is alive and well!!!


  2. Cheers William, have added link to the piece

  3. Bit tricky arresting someone for murdering someone still alive. Still, the EU can do anything.

  4. @James Higham Well quite, still we can take comfort in the fact the Lib Dems are interested in our Human Rights...oh wait...

  5. If you haven't seen this short clip of that piece of excrement Graham Watson, you should.


    But don't do it if you have high blood pressure. Graham Watson is utter scum.