Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Safest Roads In Britain...?

...are... *drum roll*....in Swindon, which scrapped its fixed speed cameras nearly 3 years ago:
A Wiltshire town that decided to get rid of its speed cameras has the safest roads in Britain, a report has revealed.

Swindon, which scrapped its speed cameras in July 2009 to save on council costs and trial other traffic calming measures, has just two accidents per thousand registered vehicles on its roads - the lowest rate in the UK. The town became the first English local authority to decommission fixed cameras, although it decided to maintain mobile cameras used by police.

Swindon saw little change to the number of accidents after the cameras were scrapped, with no fatalities in the six months following their removal. 
Despite the scaremongering at the time and accusations by MPs of council leaders "playing politics with lives" the reality is that speed cameras have had little effect. But then they were never about road safety


  1. Well done Swindon! The icing on the cake will no doubt come when they eventually manage to overcome Chesterfield?

    Apols - could not resist......

  2. (Foot) Balls - forgot the obligatory *drum roll*!

  3. Cheers WfW I can always count on your sympathies football wise :-)

  4. Must say, driving in England over the weekend was a horrible experience. Speed cameras every few hundred metres.
    Why arent the bastard things burned down?

  5. Bit like tax takes, BF. The more there are the less effective the result!

  6. @Anon There are some attempts:


    @Oldrightie Absolutely...

  7. And the moral of the tale is dot dot dot