Friday 23 March 2012

Another Fine Mess

From the Sky twitter feed, above is apparently the front page of the Daily Mail tomorrow.

I've often railed on this blog about the lack of acknowledgement of the EU in this policy (and many others) and the churnalism of press releases. Slowly but surely though, whether it's through persistent comments online pointing it out I don't know, but the MSM are now reluctantly acknowledging the tentacles of Brussels. However never did I expect a front page headline like that in the Daily Mail after so long in denial.

Whether the headline stays like that after the first edition goes out I know not, particularly when a panicking number 10 starts making frantic phone calls.

Highly amusing though is the original story was obviously an attempt to distract the media from the continuing fallout of the budget. And now the 'bury bad news' item is coming back bite Cameron. If he stands up to the EU to appear Eurosceptic, he'll be supporting an unpopular policy. Yet if he caves in he looks weak in the face of the EU and his Government's policy is dramatically highlighted as being in complete disarray.

He really hasn't got a clue - what's the opposite of the Midas touch?


  1. TbF - "..what's the opposite of the Midas touch?"
    Could it be that Mr Cameron is taking over from where Jonah Brown left off?

  2. TbF - "..what's the opposite of the Midas touch?"
    A lead canoe?

  3. "what's the opposite of the Midas touch? "

    The Gordon Grasp - obviously.
    Although this is morphing into the Coalition Claw.

  4. Reminded of this Hollies hit. "He's King Midas in reverse; he's King Midas with a curse...... everything he touches turns to dust."

    He's had plenty of evidence that EU membership is preventing the government from taking action it deems necessary to fix the economy and do much else besides - yet he still persists in saying that EU membership is in our interests. Dense, or what?

  5. What a circus, Dave meddling in something he knows nothing about - he sort of "finks it's a good idea" - cos the NHS Health Stasi + the
    BMA told him so and thus does he demonstate his utterly hopeless appreciation of anything to do with governance. Truly, he [Cameron] is as lost as Bliar was but what a PR man he is for international strutting, don't he jus' luv that + Samantha Greenpeace too, 'she wot wears the trousers'.

  6. @JiC & Sniper Well, yes quite. I agree - you're both right. :-)

    @DeeDee99 I'd forgotten about that Hollies' hit, very appropriate.

    @Anon what a circus indeed.

  7. Opposite of "midas touch" ?
    Faecal grip ?

    George is well on the way to fixing the economy.
    Quite simply, high unemployment is a vital part of fixing the economy.That lowers wages and salaries for new employees and and also means lower wage rises for existing employees.
    Higher vat means lower spending, and much lower spending on foreign manufactured luxury goods. Credit being restricted will also help.
    No UK politician is going to leave the EU, while it exists, and given the amount of it present in our public institutions it is doubtful if the country can withstand the confusion if we did leave without planning (although I understand that there is planning in-hand for the collapse of the euro....leaving the EU will be a whole new ball game)
    So, given another five years, or maybe eight, George will have us back on track. Which track that is, is another thing altogether. But: Don't forget that there is an electoral boundary change coming and 50 seats are going with others being rearranged. the wise money is on 21 safe labour seats becoming marginals and another 10 marginal tory seats becoming safe.
    Game over.
    Minimum wage ?
    Going down soon.
    Employment rights ?
    Going away soon.
    Not forgetting the bonfire of H&S regulations (only those not affected by EU directives, which the UK government cannot change, that includes the working time directive...which the gov has said it intends to cannot)
    Nothing much about the hundreds of thousands suffering from preventable industrial disease....