Sunday, 1 April 2012

Have Your Say And Make A Difference

Credit where credit's due, sometimes one has to acknowledge that occasionally the EU gets things completely right, and today against all the odds, contrary to all my expectations and constant criticisms, the EU has begun the much desired process of democratic reform, to the extent where it now leads the way on democracy.

As per the requirements of the Lisbon Treaty today is when the European Citizens’ Initiative comes into effect:
In accordance with the Regulation, it will only be possible to launch the first European Citizens' Initiatives from 1 April 2012.
Which allows: million EU citizens to participate directly in the development of EU policies, by calling on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal.
Don't delay, you can find all the facts here, learn how to sign up here and follow the procedure here. We can all make a difference, all we need is enthusiasm. Please partake, together we can help make the EU a safer, happier and more prosperous place to live for everyone.

Update: and you know what? UKK41 agrees with me


  1. Good try TbF, but I wasn't fooled, haha.

  2. Sadly JiC, the initiatives bit is true (it does start today)- I just made the rest of it up.

  3. Yes, I can see that the EU consultation 'initative' is for real. That makes me feel depressed, so I ignored it and concentrated on your fun bit.

  4. Nice one :-) If nothing else the EU has a sense of timing :-)

  5. I expect the relevance of the launch date is beyond their comprehension.

  6. @DeeDee99, yeah you're probably right, it would require a sense of humour first

  7. Bastard!!! :-)

    Thanks for the link TBF.