Friday, 13 April 2012

Ten Out Of Ten

I've made my feelings known about blogger Guido Fawkes before - a blogger that claims to be against the establishment but is a tedious and fundamental part of it. With this in mind I spot a post from his on Wednesday (I'm not linking to it) on rumours that at least two Tory MPs are seriously considering jumping ship to Ukip,

Guido therefore gives the possible riders and runners. One of the 'runners' according to him is (my emphasis):
Bill Cash Cash has a history of causing trouble over Europe, and was famously part of the Maastricht Rebellion that did for John Major. He has a fractious relationship with Dave and led a rebellion against the Coalition last year. Said to be reaching the end of his tether, though has stated on the record he does not want to quit the EU.
And Guido's 'Eurosceptic rating of Bill Cash? 10/10.

Oh dear.

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