Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Drowning In Sentimentality

One has to laugh:
A Titanic memorial cruise was this afternoon forced to turn round just hours after leaving dock as it retraced the doomed liner's voyage across the Atlantic.

MS Balmoral – carrying relatives of Titanic victims among its 1,309 passengers, the same number as on the doomed ship – was earlier battered by 30ft waves as it crossed the Irish Sea.
Maybe it's just me but I find the whole cruise ship jolly nothing more than a shallow and pathetic self-publicity seeking exercise. There was never such tribute - a memorial trek to the South Pole - for Scott and his colleagues. Perhaps because that would have been too difficult.

Update: Nevermind at least you can buy Titanic tat from the shopping channel QVC:

Wake me up when it's all over...


  1. Indeed, this whole sentimentality/victim nonsense is right out of hand - since Dianamania, I think.

    I heard one lady who was going on this voyage emoting like mad about how terrible it all was. She was the descendant of a survivor - her great aunt, if I remember rightly, who was on her honeymoon. The husband was lost.

    "But auntie never talked about it" she said. What an excellent example!

  2. Couldn't agree more Edward Spalton