Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quote Of The Day

An interesting use of logic reached me via my inbox last week. A UKIP candidate due to stand in the local elections asked Oxford City Labour Councillor Delia Sinclair (who incidentally has been investigated for failing to declare an interest) the following question:
"Why can't we have a return to weekly waste collections?"
A fair and reasonable question I think. And the response from Councillor Sinclair?
"Weekly collections are already in place on an alternative weekly basis."
Its Orwellian beauty is truly genius. And it wouldn't do to mention the elephant of course.


  1. And from which pit was Ms Sinclair dredged? Who does she know that she is given the privilege of representing normal people? I presume that she's not old enough to have actually been of use to someone in her life? If, on the other hand she's a more mature person, then she should have been better educated. She can thank her socialist mates that she isn't.