Monday, 23 April 2012

Getting It Wrong

It's not just the news, but the media struggle with details regarding sport particularly football - despite being a lucrative staple of the MSM and Sky Sports.

So given the high profile nature of Swindon Town's manager you would think some fact checking would be done regarding his name, at least. But no, above is an image from Sky Sports regarding Swindon's recent promotion.

And in the Telegraph last year:

It's Paolo not Paulo, his name is easily found on Wikipedia. And this is a mistake describing a former Premiership player who's on the list of best goals scored since its inception.



  1. Well it's confirmed now, we're down. Look forward to playing you next season, provided we still exist! Paolo's a great manager and character, I should think you'll be pushing fr promotion.

  2. @Phil, obviously hope you do still exist...will be on my list of away games to go to. Good luck.

    Certainly regarding Paolo we can expect another roller coaster season :-)

  3. Unfortunately I won't be able to get to as many (if any) games as my new job means I'll be in the states next year. I'll keep my season ticket and go when I can. Swindon is definately on my list of away games. Good luck next season but obviously not against us!

  4. @Phil Jones You probably seen this:

    Obviously there's a bit of brinkmanship going on but it don't look good.

  5. Yes I saw that and it's a tad worrying. I think Chester could show us the way, with all the money being promised for a buyout we could use it for 'plan B' . Still we're off to Forest for a relegation party, should be a good day out and we'll show the league what they'll be missing. With any luck someone watching will think we're worth saving.