Thursday, 26 April 2012

"You Get Found Out"

In truth I've not been following the details of the Leveson Inquiry that closely. I suspect it won't tell us much that we don't already know or have guessed at - it'll only just put slightly more detail into the mix.

But it is rather nauseating watching various vested interests trying to take the moral high over the revelations when they were all involved in the cosy consensus at one point or another. This is not a 'left / right' battle but an 'us and them' one.

In the meantime one can take some amusement at the impact on Cameron and revel in his discomfort. Alarmed Downing Street aides have apparently remarked:
“We are aware that we have created a ------- great monster here,”
We're not even two years into this government and already it's resembling a shambles, the lack of ability or substance at the top obvious. Cameron's lack of judgement is coming to the fore.

Even Murdoch appears to be imbued with similar characteristics at times. Asked whether he thought the Prime Minister was “lightweight” during his time as opposition leader, Mr Murdoch replied: 
“No. Not then, certainly.” 
Not then? The implication is clear what he thinks now, but it leaves one wondering what took him so long to reach such a conclusion?

It reminds me of this excerpt below from the classic book Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby:
One of the great things about sport is its cruel clarity; there is no such thing, for example, as a bad 100m runner, or a hopeless centre-half who got lucky; in sport, you get found out.
I'm tempted to apply this to the Cameron-led coalition. "Wait 'till Dave gets in" was the cry before the election. Well now he's in, he's been found out.

Update: As Richard North says, Cameron's now damaged goods


  1. he has been found out,but there seems to be no alternative as they all sing the same son,shame they dont get performance related pay as they would be tramps by now!

  2. @Gully, agreed, and the lack of alternative is a serious problem

  3. Easy don't vote for the liblabcon, vote independent or even UKIP.

  4. I don't support Cameron or the CONs - but I did rather expect a better level of competence from the Conservatives than they are delivering.

    They are only marginally better than The Moron and his team of half-wits. Omnishambles is a word that is being used more and more often.

    The alternative is UKIP. A Party made up of people who are not career politicians and who have therefore actually achieved something in life. They also have the guts to take on the Establishment. As Nigel demonstrated on Today this morning, when Sarah Montague sounded moronic asking him the same question over and over again and seemingly not understanding the response.

  5. @DeeDee99 I heard that interview - agreed. It was pretty clear by the tone that Sarah was asking the questions, that she was personally affronted by the arguments that Nigel was putting forward - less a journalist and another BBC apparatchik