Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Judas Goats And Other Stories

Master Hannan's rather pathetic apologetic piece for the Tories in the Telegraph is rightly getting a thorough kicking in his own comments and across the blogosphere.

Ultimately his conclusions are, albeit expressed slightly more opaquely than his colleagues usually do, is that it's Ukip's fault the Tories are in trouble and thus we should all be ashamed of ourselves. This is tribal loyalty at its most deluded as Hannan claims the Tories are Eurosceptic. The Talking Clock highlights this to be the fallacy that it always has been. Indeed, Labour has a better history of Eurosceptisim than the Tories.

Eureferendum calls the piece the return of the Judas goat. I really do like the term Judas goat. Not only does it sum up Hannan et al wonderfully concisely and accurately but it sounds deliciously rude - particularly if preceded with robust terms meaning 'move along quickly please'.

The Devil's Kitchen does a great fisking of Hannan's piece, well worth a read in full here. You really do have to wonder (if not admire) the levels of cerebral twister required to justify the following as a defence of your party and criticism of others not to vote for it:
It’s true that most Conservative voters would withdraw from the EU tomorrow. So would most party members. And so, I suspect, would most Tory MPs in a secret ballot. That, though, is not party policy.
But soon it's local elections and Hannan has to do his bit for the party like a good little boy. And given the dramatic increase in anti-UKIP rhetoric for the Tories, it does suggest that they are getting confirmation via internal polls, of their electoral problems.


  1. It is actually very amusing to watch Hannan getting an effing good kicking. His argument has so many holes in it you could use it as a sieve.

    Still there is also the europlastic boy blunder - Daniel Knowles who penned this load of drivel today in the DT.

  2. @Rapscallion Ha ha I was writing my latest post on Knowles just as your comment came through.

    You're right, it's a load of drivel.

  3. I don't believe that "knocking copy" does much good. if anything, it's a sign of weakness and I'd say, panic.

    It gives me the impression that the Tories have got the wind up. I also have the impression that there are stresses building up in the party as the inadequacies of Cameron become inescapable and many are wondering about their seats.

    I think it would be remarkable if UKIP even gained a single MP in the next GE, but they certainly have the potential to damage the Conservatives. It's all those supporters they've used and abused for years, finally coming to the conclusion that they've had enough and 'letting Labour in' would make absolutely no difference.