Monday, 30 April 2012


On a day when Cameron is accused of arrogance from one of his own party's donors- I mean how dare he be summoned to Parliament to answer questions:
David Cameron himself was absolutely furious at being asked to come to the Commons to answer an urgent question on Hunt. I do not see what he has to be so annoyed about, unless perhaps he is deep down annoyed with himself and the mess he is in. More likely, he just didn't like his enemy Speaker Bercow ordering him to turn up.
We have this rather depressing article by Mary Riddell in the Telegraph:
For the first time, a working majority in 2015 does not look beyond Mr Miliband’s grasp. Anything could happen in these volatile times. Labour could combust as fast as the Government has disintegrated, and Mr Cameron could become a three-term legend. Even so, the traceless rise of Ed Miliband should not be under-estimated. As of today, the election is Labour’s to lose. 
So the choice is apparently only between Cameron or Millband? It's the political equivalent of wishing to be hit either by a car doing 39mph or one doing 40mph...

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