Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Her Majesty's Government

Criticising usually is the easy part, and working out how to resolve a problem the hard part. But when it comes to our constitution the former seems to take on a difficultly as well when trying to get it right.

It's understandable that Americans may not fully understand our subtleties and nuances of centuries of changes but less excusable when it's our own Prime Minister and those who are charged with holding our system of government to account. The BBC interviewed with Douglas Carswell last Thursday. At around 01:19mins in Mr Carswell was asked the following question by a BBC presenter:
"But this is your Government, would you vote against it, if you had a chance?"
Carswell rightly corrects him:
I point out that I'm not a member of this Government...I sit on the backbenches, I'm a member of the Legislature, my job is to hold this Government to account.
Is it any wonder the media fail so miserably in their supposed role as the fourth estate when they can't even get the basics right?


  1. Not forgetting Baroness Warsi's recent attempt to blame the Queen personally for the invitation of the ruler of Bahrain to the Jubilee junket. In such matters affecting foreign policy, the Queen acts on ministerial advice.

    Either the baroness, coming from the background of an alien political tradition, was ignorant or she was trying to get away with a fib after the usual custom of today's politicians.

    It took George Galloway to put her right!

  2. Yes, I saw that on BBC QT. It comes to something when Galloway starts getting things right and eliciting a certain sympathy for his position.