Tuesday, 17 April 2012

UKIP In 3rd Place

The Sun reports:
UKIP has ousted the Lib Dems as the third most popular political party, a Sun poll reveals today.
The anti-EU party led by Nigel Farage has nine per cent support — with Deputy PM Nick Clegg’s lot on just eight.
This anti UKIP 'swivel eyed' rhetoric in the Telegraph recently seems to be going well then, almost as well as Cast-Iron's reforms of the European Court of Human Rights.


  1. Good morning, to you!

    That's a beautiful graphic you are sporting on this day which, despite the rain, feels so very sunlit.



  2. And good morning to you too TTC. Nice graphic I agree...feel free to nick it (I did)

  3. I hope that applies to me.

    It's interesting to note that in my city the majority of LibDems have defected to the Labour party.

    In the last council elections it seemed that in some wards a lot of the LibDem 'protest votes' found their way into UKIP hands.

    If they don't vote for the big two. and the LibDems are not there, then UKIP gain.

  4. @BJ "I hope that applies to me." If you mean nicking the graphic - of course feel free.

  5. Ta, TBF - a little bit headless at the moment.

  6. As it becomes apparent that the Say No to the Big Three gains momentum, people need somewhere to turn and UKIP seems the party. That, in turn, will get some mature talent in and it can only go up from there.

  7. @James Higham You're right mature talent is the key, all parties have 'odd members' as it were but in UKIP there's not enough to dilute them nor enough to provide a decent challenge to Farage.

    UKIP in the current circumstances should be doing much better, the damming indictment of our political system is that they are now 3rd (in one poll) which is despite the party not because of it.

  8. I've thoroughly enjoyed the past week. The CONs are terrified; the Establishment is rattled.

    The ordinary person is, at last, waking up to the truth about LibLabCON and their determination to ignore the Will of the people over the EU.

    And it's not one poll BF: YouGov has now had us 1% above the LibDems for two nights running and Opinium also has us leading the LibDems by 1%. All well within the margin of error of course, but its the demographics that will make the difference. In the 60+ group which is the largest and most likely to vote, UKIP has gone to 17%.

  9. I too have had much amusement at the Tories' discomfort DeeDee99.

    And given the anti UKIP rhetoric lately from them and the Telegraph makes me wonder if they're seeing the same via internal polls as well.